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Umbilical Bowl/ Slotted Bowl

Spectrum makes Umbilical Insert Bowls for 27½ and 37½ Master Bushings. 

Our Slotted Insert Bowl can be used in NOV/ Wirth/ EMSCO/Autobahn Industries/Drillmec or any other API Master Bushing. 

Following are the types of Umbilical Bowls under our manufacturing range:-

1. Umbilical Bowl No. 2:- To handle tubular sizes from 8-5/8" - 10-3/4" with CMS(-XL) slips or umbilical rotary slips. 

2. Umbilical Bowl No. 3:- To handle tubular size from 2-3/8” to 8-5/8" with umbilical rotary slip.

We can also make customised umbilical bowls as per customer requirements.

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