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SPECTRUM make Spring Loaded Power Slip (SDTISPS-27) is foot-operated slip to protect Drill Pipes and tubing with a range from 4½” to 5½” while setting and releasing by simply changing inserts. The slip can be set simply by applying foot pressure on the slip set ring. This eliminates the manual setting and lifting of slips. The unit consists of four slip segments with inserts and four coil spring cartridges as a counterbalance to offset the weight of slips when in the upper released position. It is suitable to fit into 27½” and 37½” to 49½” Rotary tables with API Pin Drive Master Bushing. The unit consists of three major assemblies as under: -
1. Top Cover Assembly
The top cover assembly is ergonomically designed with two halves and a slip set ring. The top cover assembly is mounted on four slip hangers with pins.

2. Slip Assembly
Four slip segments of 16½” grip length for gripping the tubular size 4½” to 5½” are dressed with 48 Nos Inserts, 4 Nos Insert Retaining Ring and 8 Nos Allen Screw.

3. Bowl Assembly
Bowl assembly consists of two halves connected with a bowl hinge pin to enable the installation and removal of the power slip from the Master Bushing. Bowl assembly is provided with four numbers of Coil Spring Cartridges and Foot Pedal for releasing the slips. 

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