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Rotary slips are one of the important handling tools used on oil field rigs and are used to hold the tubular firmly in the rotary table while carrying out specific operations. These slips are named as per their usage/handling of tubular i.e. drill pipe slips, drill collar slips, tubing slips, and casing slips. These are classified as per the size of the tubular used and depth of the wells. Keeping this in view Spectrum Drilling Tools International has developed the slips conforming to API Standards for use in the oil fields.


SPECTRUM make - RSST, RSMD & RSLG rotary slip are developed for use in standard API insert bowls. Slips having an API taper of 4 inches per foot on the diameter. The superior design provides for full distribution of load throughout the length of the slips which helps in preventing bottlenecking damage of drill pipes. Spectrum Drilling Tools International makes slips that have the maximum load-carrying capacity yet are lightly weighted, the result is a balanced design that provides the slips great strength also. The inserts are changed at the rig site itself in a very short time by simply removing the locking arrangement and retainers.

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