SPECTRUM make pneumatic tubing spider are as per API-7K specification. Spider with slips can accommodate tubing sizes from 1.315” to 8.5/8” and available in capacity upto 100T, 125T & 200T, made from high grade of alloy steel duly hardened and tempered with controlled hardness.
Spider is operated through a foot remote control valve during tripping the string. The slip assemblies are machined as matched sets and incorporate inserts which provide full 360° of contact with the pipe.
The main purpose of Tubing Spider is to support the tubing string when it is lowered into or raised from the wellbore of an oil or gas well. Pneumatic Spider are designed to used in snubbing operations also.
Spiders may be used on a rotary table with an adapter plate that fits into the square drive or pin drive master bushing, centring the Spider on the rotary table.