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Model E Tubing Spider is developed to handle tubulars ranging from 2.3/8 to 8.5/8 inches, this spider has the greater rate capacity as compared to other pneumatic tubing spiders,i.e., 200 Tons. Spectrum developed this advance spider to meet requirement of more rate capacity which makes it more safe to use while tripping operations of tubulars.

This spider is also made as per American Petroleum Institute-7K specification. 

Through years of experience in manufacturing a wide range of spiders we improved our spiders mechanical properties and made it a very user friendly tubing spider. 

Spectrum enusres that the spiders are of the best quality for which we do tensile test, impact test, magnetic particle inspection, proof load test and many more applicable and required testings and a strict inspection is done to make sure only the best ones are supplied to customers.

This spider may be used on a rotary table with an adapter plate which fits into the square drive master bushing or pin drive master bushing, centring the Spider on the rotary table. This also permits the manually operated Spider to be rotated.


Below table describes about the different tubular sizes which can handled using different slip body sizes:-

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