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Master bushing split type

SPECTRUM has developed a special type Split Types Pin Drive Master Bushing suitable for 27.5" API Rotary Table conforming to API-7K specifications which can handle tubular size from 2-3/8" to 13-3/8" OD with the help of bowl no. 1,2 & 3 and Master Bushing designed to handle string load of 500 tons.


The main advantages of this special Split Type Pin Drive Master Bushing are as under:-

1. Split Type Pin Drive Master Bush can be removed from the drilling string to pass large diameter bit and pipe connection directly through the rotary table.

2. BOP can be easily lifted by removing the Split Type Master Bush from the Rotary Table.

3. Master Bush can be a lock with the Rotary Table and Master Bush has locks that hold the bowls securely in the bushing.

4. String and near-bit stabilizers can be used with removing Split Type Master Bushing from the Rotary Table.


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