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Our Handling Tools Insert Bowls are operated with a hand slip and a Master Bushing (27-1/2 “, 37-1/2” and 49-1/2 “). Insert Bowls are used to provide the necessary wedge surface for the rotary slip or drill collar slip or RHS rotary hand slip and allow a uniform radial load distribution on the Master Bushing. Insert Bowls can accommodate loads of drill pipes ranging from 13-3/8'' to 8-5/8'' or smaller. Insert bowls are fixed during use.


The Insert Bowl is available in 3 variants:-

1. Insert Bowl No. 1

2. Insert Bowl No. 2

3. Insert Bowl No. 3

Insert Bowl can be used with following:-

1. Hinged Master Bushings [MPCH/MSPC]

2. Load rated Master Bushing [LRMB]

3. Split Casing Bushings and

4. Power Slips


Spectrum Drilling Tools follows API-7K 6th edition specification to manufacture Handling Tools Insert Bowls.




BOWLS (C).png
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