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Spectrum Drilling Tools make manual tongs are equivalent to NOV make HT manual tongs. The manual Tongs are designed for making up and breaking up connections of tubular from lightweight pipes like tubing pipes to heavyweight drill pipes or drill collar pipes. Spectrum drilling tools has 4 different kinds of manual tongs which are used to cover a wide range of pipes ranging from 2.3/8'' to 21'', varying in torque capacity from 10,000 to 100,000 lbs/ft.

Manual Tongs are designed with interchangeable lug jaw which permits each tong to handle different sizes of tubular. By installing hinge jaws (available for some models), bigger tubular sizes can be handled.


The Manual tongs can be assembled for either making-up or break-out by removing the hanger and turning the complete HT Tong over.

We are having all in-house testing facilities to test our manual tongs and ensure the best tongs are supplied to our users. We are following API-7K specifications for manufacturing manual tongs and meeting the quality standards. Spectrum Drilling tools is also ISO certified for manufacturing Manual Tongs. 

We can also make customised Manual tongs which can be made equivalent to NOV HT Manual Tongs, B+V manual tongs as per requirement. 

Some of our Manual Tongs are:-

1. Manual Tongs 16,000

2. Manual Tong 35,000

3. Manual Tong 65,000

4. Manual Tong 100,000

MANUAL TONG 65000-min.jpg
Manual tong 35000 (C).jpeg
Manual Tong 100000 (C).jpeg
Manual Tong 16000 (C).jpeg
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