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Insert Bowl No. 2 is used to handle different size of tubulars ranging from 9-5/8'' to

10-3/4''. This slip bowl is used to provide a better back support to rotary slip, drill collar slip or any other hand slips. 

Insert Bowl No. 2 can be used in following master bushings:-

1. Master Bushing 37½” which is for EMSCO/Drillmec/NOV/Wirth etc, Rotary Table,  

2. Master Bushing 27½” which is for NOV/Drillmec/Wirth etc Rotary Table,

3. Master Bushing 20½ which is for NOV/Wirth/Drillmec/Oilwell/Wirth etc. Rotary Table.

Spectrum Drilling Tools make Insert Bowl No.2 is equivalent to Varco make insert Bowl No. 2, and can be used in NOV MSS Master Bushing, NOV MSPC Master Bushing, NOV MPCH Master Bushing or any other API Standard Master Bushing.

We can make customised Insert Bowl too send us your inquiry.

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