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SPECTRUM make Hydraulic Power Slip (SDTIHPS-27) is a fully automatic, remote-controlled, hydraulic operated power slip designed for setting and releasing of drill pipe & tubing with slip range from 3-1/2" to 4-1/2" and 4½” to 5½” by simply changing of inserts. Slip suitable for 27½” / 37½”- 49½” Rotary Table equipped with API Pin Drive Master Bushing. Slip designed with dedicated rating and safety factors conforming to API-7K gives optimal performance and high safety in operations. Power slip is set by gravity plus applied hydraulic pressure and released by applied hydraulic pressure. Slip can be controlled either by hand lever or remote control. The unit consists of five major assemblies as under: -

1. Top Cover Assembly: 

The top cover assembly is designed in two halves. The flat, top surface is designed to accommodate TDS elevators while drilling to the floor. The rod ends of the two hydraulic cylinders connect the top of the cover assembly with a ball floating joint fitted with hex-head screws. The top cover assembly is having four clevises for mounting slip assembly hangers and two holes that accommodate the guide rods.

2. Slip Assembly: 

Four slip segments of 16½” grip length for gripping the tubular sizes are dressed with 48 no. inserts, 4 no. Insert Retaining Ring and 8 nos. Allen screw.

3. Bowl Assembly:

The bowl assembly consists of two halves connected with a bowl hinge pin to enable the installation and removal of the power slips from Master Bushing. Two guide rods and two hydraulic cylinders are connected to the top cover assembly to provide stability

4. Hydraulic Assembly Cylinders :

Assembly consists of two double-acting hydraulic cylinders to lift the top cover assembly with slip assembly, approximately 8-1/2" on the application of designed pressure. The hydraulic cylinders are fitted in the bowl body. Corrosion-resistant SS guide rod and floating ball joint are also provided to support the hydraulic cylinders.

5. Control System : 

The Control Unit can be located in the driller's console, enable the driller to operate the slips. The control system consists of a Pump, Filter, Pressure Gauge, Oil level indicator, flow control valve etc.


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