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Drill Collar Slips are used for running drill collars. These slips are designed to help self-centring of pipes in the rotary table. These are available in three types - DCS, DCM, DCL covering all popular drill collar sizes in use i.e. from 3” OD to 14” outer diameter.

Spectrum Drilling tools make Drill Collar Slips which is equivalent to NOV make Drill Collar Slips. Our Drill Collar Slips complies with the API-7K Specification requirements. All the slips have an API taper of 4 inches per foot on the diameter fitted with circular buttons and with upright flexible handles.


Its multi-segment design ensures full wrap around the drill collars and helps to prevent drill collars from damage. The Multi-Segment design ensures the self-centring of the drill collars.


Segments have extra-long back ensuring sufficient strength & support to the inserts. While handling drill collars it is recommended oil field practice to use multi-purpose safety clamps, for which these slips are made flat on top to ensure smooth fitting of the multi-purpose clamp.

These are manufactured out of the best quality alloy steel. All the slips are passed through a series of tests/inspections to ensure the quality of the product. Spectrum performs Proof Load Test on Drill Collar Slips to ensure the strength of slip and load-bearing capacity. Magnetic Particle Inspection, Impact Test, Rock Well Hardness Tests are done to ensure the mechanical properties are as per API 7k specification.

We manufacture our slips which the highest precision machining and accurate fitment.

On top of Drill Collar Slips the API monogram stamped, by which you can be sure you are getting high-grade equipment at a competitive price, made in India.


Upon purchase, we provide proof load test, MPI, and heat-treatment certifications at the time of dispatch.



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