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Spectrum manufactures a wide range of Shale Shakers for Onshore and Offshore Drilling Rigs. The primary purpose of dual tandem and triple tandem mud shakers is to make installation of typical solids control systems more convenient. Typically, two or more shale shakers are required as part of the drilling solids control system. The installation efficiency of the solids control system is impacted if a single shale shaker is chosen for installation because it must be hoisted and installed twice. Both the dual tandem and triple tandem mud shakers may be lifted and placed all at once, making it simple, quick, and handy to maintain. Installing the screen on the screen box during transit or transfer is not advised to prevent collisions, other screen damage, and usage issues.

The dual/triple tandem shale shaker has the following benefits:

1. Being able to manage content with a lot of solids;

2. Lessen the fine mesh screen's solid phase burden;

3. One may employ a finer mesh;

4. Extend the screen's useful life;

5. Drilling fluid's price is decreased.


Three different types are included in the dual/triple tandem shale shaker's design:

1. Distinct shale shakers that are independent of one another;

2. Shale shaker combinations with different vibrational patterns;

3.Shale shaker combinations with just one vibrational pattern.

As a shale shaker manufacturer, we are able to create shakers that meet a variety of demands, such as dual/triple tandem shakers, triple deck shakers, double deck shakers, high g-force shakers, etc. Products made from shale shakers are frequently utilised in industries such as river dredging, sludge dewatering, coalbed methane drilling, oil drilling solids control, and shale gas drilling solids control.

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