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Spectrum Casing Slips are designed and developed to be used during running casing.

Spectrum has a wide range of casing slips that can be used to grip pipe from 5'' up to 30''. We have CMSXL Casing Slip, CMS Casing Slip, CPS- Conductor Slips etc.


The casing slip is a multi-segment slip designed to fully wrap around the pipe and prevent damage to the casing. Multi-segment design helps to ensure self-centring of casing in the rotary table.  The advantage of multi-segment design lies in the fact that by simply increasing or decreasing the number of slip segments, casing sizes from 5 inch to 30 inch OD can be handled easily by dressing the slip with the appropriate size of insert. 


The casing slip is fitted with circular buttons and 3-4 flexible handles. It is made as per API-7K  specification.  The casing slips have an API taper of 4 inches per foot on the diameter. 

The Casing Slips are developed with the best quality of alloy steel. Each segment is heat-treated to increase the strength and resistance to wear and tear. Spectrum does a proof load test on each casing slip with a help of a hydraulic press to ensure that the casing slips are taking the desired load. Magnetic Particle Inspection, Impact tests and Hardness Tests are also done to ensure the slips have the desired physical and chemical properties.

Our Casing slips are manufactured with an unprecedented level of precision machining to meet and exceed API-7K standard requirements. With API monogram stamped on our casing slip, you can be sure that the slips are passed from a series of tests and the Best High Graded Casing Slips are provided which is ready to be used. We provide all the test Certificates which includes MPI, Proof Load and Heat Treatment test, if the customer wants specific tests to be done on slips spectrum can easily do it at a very economical cost. We can also make customised Slips according to customer requirements.


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