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ADAPTER RING for Rotary Table Spectrum Drilling Tools.jpg

SPECTRUM manufactures a wide range of Rotary Adapter Rings/Reducer Bushing for 75½'',60½”, 49½” & 37½” Rotary Tables. The rings may be either solid or split design and the configurations of the bushings can be from one maker of rotary to that same maker (i.e. LTI-LTI) or from one brand to a different brand (i.e. OILWELL-NATIONAL).

All adapter rings for use with 37 1/2" tools and smaller are rated 500 ton.

All adapter rings for use with 49 1/2" tools and larger are rated 750 ton.

We have adapter rings equivalent to NOV Adapter Rings, suitable for Varco rotary table, Wirth Adapter Rings suitable for MHWirth Rotary Table, Oilwell equivalent adapter rings for Oilwell Rotary Table. Customized Adapter Rings are also available on request.


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